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INTERIOR PAINTING. Our work in your home starts with complete preparation to protect your valuables and ends with a thorough clean-up, leaving your home just as we found it but with a new pop of color. Painting is just the beginning—we can also build out what you need to make your paint job pop. 

EXTERIOR PAINTING. Whether for your home’s curb appeal or your business’s first impression, top-quality painting is the difference. Our thorough preparation process guarantees a professional paint job that will protect your property for years to come. We can paint nearly any surface, including:

  • Brick, stucco (hard coat or synthetic), concrete, wood, composite or vinyl siding
  • Doors, windows, fascia, eaves, tile roofs
  • Wood or vinyl shutters, architectural woodwork, decks, railings and wood or metal patio covers
  • Add-on exterior project services include:
  • Staining: Siding, thresholds, decks, rails, doors windows and concrete.
  • Concrete surfaces: we clean, paint, stain and seal garage floors, driveways, porches, patios, pool decks, basements and more
  • Metal finishing: Patina, wrought iron, railings, metal and clad, fences, gates and more

COLOR EXPLORATION. To unlock the true potential of your home, the fastest and most affordable way is to add a splash of color. Choosing those colors, though, can be a challenge. Flawless Painting experts offer decades of experience to help ensure your dream project becomes a reality. Once you've accepted our proposal, our process begins with a color consultation. we will schedule an appointment to come meet with you to help you select the best colors that reflect your individual taste and lifestyle.

COMMERCIAL SERVICES. Enhancing the value of homes is our passion. But if you are a passionate business owner, your workplace is home to your dreams. That’s why we offer years of experience on commercial painting projects as diverse as office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, shopping centers, hotels/motels, apartments, schools, colleges and hospitals. Please refer to our Interior and Exterior Services to see how we can transform your commercial property into what it was always meant to be.

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